Rangers handing out tickets.

Recently, county rangers have been handing out tickets and court dates to riders and park patrons attempting to do trail work at HR. (Post Hurr. Sandy) Not sure if any civilians have permission to be in there with chainsaws etc. Also note, within the HR trail system there are both county and state sections. County rangers appear to patrol both. The trail heads closest to the campground are closed and expect to get a ticket if you get caught there. (even if you ride in from the gravel parking lot and don't realize you are riding into a closed section because they did not post the trail!!) Not sure who is going to reopen the trails and when. Somebody has done substantial clearing to the right of the gravel lot in a section that had a huge blow down. I would like to help out with the rest of it if there is a group who has permission to be in there. Any info would be appreciated.