VMB Volunteer Opportunities

There has been much conversation about projects the club should take on, committees the club should have, etc. So here is your chance to make things happen :thumbsup: .

Attached is a list of things the club has already made commitments to, things the club has done in the past, and things I feel strongly the club should do (and just to preempt the inevitable comments, there are many, many other items the club members and officers are doing that are more impromptu and/or not easy to itemize on a list). Everywhere you see a ?? listed, we could use a volunteer to take ownership of. Taking ownership does not necessarily mean you would do everything. Maybe you recruit your friends to help, maybe multiple people sign up for the same item and a committee is formed, or maybe you do want to just do it your self. What it does mean is that you are person in charge and you can be relied on to make it happen, of course with support from the club members and officers - you will not be hung out all on your own.

Once we get true ownership of these items, we can discuss what else VMB can do. Sound like a plan?

PDF icon VMB goals 2011.pdf92.94 KB