Trail maintenance question

I saw the thread about VMB Comittees for individual trails, and I understand the main focus right now seems to be on Nox and Trex.

Between work and child rearing I have one free day a week (Sunday), which is the day I ride, so I can't come out every single week to maintain, but with that said, I think it's about time I did SOMETHING, like sacrifice a Sunday here or there for maintenance.

Based on my schedule, I know I can't contribute enough time to be on any committee. Which sucks, but it is what it is.

With that said- I realize I can come out and jump on the Nox building days if I am able to. But my question, and the point of all this I suppose, is if I am riding at Jordan a lot (two friends are just starting out MTB'ing and prefer Jordan as much as possible) and I see parts that need attention, am I empowered to do anything about it if there's no actual official committee looking after the place?

I have zero experience in trail maintenance other than knowing how to clear branches, but there are two places at Jordan that could use some attention-
The first is a part of trail near one of the bridges that sort of fell into the creek, and it's kinda hairy the way it is now for more leisurely cyclists/children/beginners.

The other is where the log ride thing is. A huge tree fell right at the end of it. Like, a big tree. And it's going to need a chainsaw or something to get rid of it.

I just am not exactly sure how to properly take care of these things, but I'm willing to help if anyone wants to look at them and give me some direction.