Nockamixon---Speed Limit on Tower and Fink( the dirt road) 25mph

Please limit your speed going down Tower Road to 25mph, it is posted at 35. Fink Drive the dirt road is now posted at 25mph.

Drive like a maniac as much as you want until you get to the small country roads that you access to the trailhead.

Many people are now and have before the trails were open at Nockamixon, using Fink Drive to Tower Road from South Park Road to access the CVS and Turkey hill gas station and utilize the light at 611 to head north without the ungodly wait at South Park and 611 to go north. Many of the vehicles were/are going well over 40 mph.

Mountain bikers are increasing the usage of these roads, please do so in a responsible way. 25 in the 35 to get to the parking lot will give you some time to reflect on how kool of a ride you are about to encounter.

Enjoy the trails.