Member information for bike shops

As a follow up to one of the items discussed at the meeting....

I think we should put something together to hand to bike shops and ask them to give it to people when they purchase any mountain bike. I really like the idea of donating a one-year membership with the purchase of the bike, but even if we don’t do that, we could offer a discount or just provide information. The information should include the VMB website, a compilation of the various Facebook pages, and some version of a trail map for each of the major riding areas - at least Trex, Sals, Nox, and Jordan. We could also incorporate the MTB Project app (from IMBA) and information on the benefits of joining the local club/IMBA.


Dear Rider,

Congratulations on your new bike. If you are new to mountain biking, welcome to the community! You now have the only tool you really need to put rubber on dirt and change your life for the better. If you are not new to mountain biking, and your purchase is just an addition or an upgrade to your current collection, we know how excited you feel right now.

We are the Valley Mountain Bikers (VMB), the Lehigh Valley chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). As a group of like minded riders, we are the people that build and maintain many of the trails and trail systems in the Lehigh Valley and work to preserve the sport of mountain biking locally. We would love for you to join us!

How does VMB work to promote and preserve mountain biking in our area?
-We regularly meet with government officials, park managers, and land managers to advocate for mountain biking in public parks.
-We organize trail days where club members build, repair, and maintain trails based on International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) standards
-We organize events such as Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day to teach young riders about mountain biking
-We organize group rides and trips where members can discover some of the best local and regional trails
-We volunteer support for races, in addition to competing in races

By becoming a paid member of Valley Mountain Bikers:
-You will be supporting efforts to promote mountain biking in our area
-Your dues will help the club purchase trail tools, maintain our website, and fund organized events
-You will have a voice in club initiatives and have voting rights
-You will get a discount at some local bike shops!

Go to today and join us.


In all honesty, this may be a little too much information to hand to someone that just bought a bike, but I think it will get attention from most riders as it provides the pathway to the local trails. A QR code or a similar device would be useful for those that want to point their phone at something rather than navigate the information in a more traditional manner.

Please post comments and suggestions.