Main reason Nox is closed right now

It's the discovery of this thing:
Soon to be infamous Nox Bass, netted last summer and leaked by unnamed source
nox bass.jpg

As you all know the local trail systems are all in a brutal state of transition right now with a lot of moisture locked up in the deep freeze/thaw cycles. Under cover of advocacy Nox trailbuilders have closed the system to supposedly keep damage to a minimum. There is more lurking beneath the surface, however.

As you may or may not know, there has always been industry and farming all around the area all submerged and seemingly confined history as the past and 250+ buildings of the old town of Tohickon succumbed to the rising waters of the more recent recreational landscape. But something more is in the water. Riding there at times you will experience weird things, like lights on the water at night and weird spooky feelings. It is in the dirt, it is in the air, and apparently it is in the water. You all know Kenny is not a clean freak, but he washes his hands like a furious lunatic with OCD after doing any trailwork there, every time. After witnessing this I pressed for the truth.

Apparently the turbid waters of Lake Nockamixon are hiding some secrets along with some freaky fish, genetically altered over the years by all of the curious stuff in the food chain. They are gnarly, tempermental and aggressive (but hey, they are, after all, also Haycock township residents, so who's surprised), and they are rapidly consuming all of the aquatic base life and completely changing the aqua-ecosystem. The park is trying to keep this under wraps as they work under cover of darkness and beneath the veil of "muddy conditions". So, wash your bottles and clean your hands like OCD Kenny before you start growing scales on the back of your neck. Look at Kenny's...

Info on the old Tohickon Valley town and the fight by the original residents: